ICL's I/O Configuration Tool "Readme"

This README.HTML file documents the changes made to the ICL I/O Configuration Tool. This is a product of Industrial Control Links, Inc. of Auburn California, USA.

ICL's I/O Configuration Tool applies to the Ascent, Sprite and Solaras I/O Modules available from ICL. This tool allows the end user to:

  • Configure IP address, Network Mask and Gateway parameters.
  • Reset Security.
  • Reset factory defaults.
  • Store and retrieve configurations (Sprite I, Solaras I and Ascent I versions).
  • Configure internal radio options (Sprite I, Solaras I and Ascent I versions).
  • Upgrade Firmware (Sprite I, Solaras I and Ascent I versions).



    Maintenance Release.


  • Fixed issue where Sprite I firmware files once deleted can cause a runtime error.
  • Firmware paths are now removed if the file does not exist when Sprite I firmware update window is opened.
  • Fixed issue where saving and loading configurations for Sprite I units would not work on some systems.
  • Sprite II and other Spectra lines can only change the IP configuration, reset security and reset defaults from this package. All other configurations changes for the Spectra line are now done from the unit's web interface.




New Features

  • Added write command ATWR to for any command that requires it.
  • Terminal window now autoscrolls to the bottom.
  • Added defaults format version to stored coniguration files.
  • Toolbox automatically reboots unit after resetting defaults.
  • Radio Diagnostic mode is initiated with a Modbus UDP command.
  • Added support for format v2 commands (binary serial numbers).


  • Fixed issue where no response from the radio itself would not timeout.
  • Fixed issue where user defined commands in the radio terminal would cause an error.
  • Fixed issue where the default version for configurations was being qualified incorrectly on load.
  • Bad packets automatically close dialogs to pervent repeated errors from protocol retries.